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AFW chose to utilise its engineering and fabrication capabilities to penetrate the farming and foods sectors and lanuched in 2015 a new line of farming products for top of the line customers who aim to improve their farm performance in compliance with international best practices.

The products serve in improving cattle hygene, reduce cleaning and handling difficulties and increase farm operational excellence.

Some of the products are shown below


Trailers are used in farms and in plants for handling materials or for carrying liquid tanks


Rubber flooring is a vital necessity for comfort and productivity in dairy production farms.


The hutch is used to separate the newborn calf in order to monitor their development and identify any illness during its first few months.


Clean water is essential for health of cattle. Conventional drinking troughs are difficult to clean.

Aqua Dump presents an easy solution to ensure fresh water is supplied.

By simply tilting the dump, dirty water and sludge are flushed outand replaced with fresh water.

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