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AFW excels at designing, fabricating and installing a variety of industrial and commercial products.

All our products are manufactured according to world class standards and best practices.

We aim to present high quality local alternative to a variety of imported steel and stainless steel products at competitive prices.

We are also capable of providing custom made products and equipment that meet our customer requirements.

Chemical Retention Fencing

In case of chemical leakage, chemical resistant fencing is added to keep unauthorized employees out of work area.

Foam Pourer

The foam pourer is designed for the fire fighting protection of vertical open top floating roof storage tanks.


Storage tanks are used to hold liquids and are used in different industries, including foods and petrochemicals. Different configurations, materials and finishes are used depending on the application.


Used in many applications as a protective enclosure to equipment, to cover wall openings, to keep rodents out and to prevent contaminants carried by the wind from entering into confined spaces.


Highly – visible steel guardrails to help protect work cells, pallet rocks, mezzanine columns, conveyors, manufacturing equipment and to provide safe access to personnel without risk of accidents in presence of mobile equipment.


Safety cage is used with cranes to carry people and tools to difficult to access areas for safe working at height.


Used with chain block for vertical lifting or securing of light weights. It can also be used in line with a hand pallet stacker in a two step lift to reach heights up to 4 meters.


Paints present the most widely used method of protection of metals against corrosion and rust. Painted products require maintenance after several years of operation. AFW offers a quality paint service procedure and selection of suitable paint materials for each application.

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